*Sniffs clothes*

A Woman Has Started A Heated Debate About Whether You Can Wear Pajamas Multiple Times

She says her parents taught her to wear her PJs multiple times before a wash.

Woman on Tik Tok starts debate on whether or not PJs can only be worn once.

TikToker Allison Delperdang shared an innocent video detailing how she wears her pajamas multiple times before washing, and, apparently, people have thoughts. The video has gone viral and the internet has exploded into the great PJ debate.

Some say that the concept of wearing PJs a few times before washing might have been OK when we were kids, but that grown adults need to put on fresh jams nightly. Others say what you can’t smell won’t hurt you.

“I need to know if people wear pajamas multiple nights in a row,” she began her video. “When I was younger, my parents always made us wear pajamas multiple nights in a row because they weren’t dirty. I still do that as an adult. I’ve worn these like, three nights in a row.”

She then put the question out to the world, asking, “So I need to know if as adults we’re still doing that, or should I be literally making dirty clothes every single night? Are we wearing pajamas multiple nights? What’s the situation?”

I’m beginning to think I’ve been adulting wrong — pajamas and jeans need rounds before washing in my house.

It seems that those who repeat pajamas before washing and those that change nightly never even really knew another reality existed.

“People wear different jammies every night?” one person asked.

“Wait. There’s people that DON’T wear their PJs multiple nights in a row????” another exclaimed.

“I am 26 and just now found out some people wear different pajamas every night when I came to Australia for au pairing. never heard before,” one user shared.

It’s obvious that people who change their pajamas live in a different dimension... or is it?

“No, new ones every night for me, I don't wear jeans more than one day either (I know some people wear jeans several days in a row too),” one person commented.

Another agreed, adding, “No. I don't reuse towels either.”

Wait, people wash their towels after one use? I wonder if these people have kids.

Most people concluded that the best way to know whether or not to switch off is whether or not you stink.

“Re-use. Unless sweaty, dirty, drop food or something,” one user said. “I wear it till I feel like it’s dirty or I have a rough night of sweating,” another shared.

If you’re switching out pajamas, towels, and jeans after every use, I hope you like doing laundry.