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What To Wear To Disney World: A Mom’s Guide To Practical (But Cute) Outfits

Because it IS possible to still look good after walking 15 miles.

A example outfit for women to wear at Disney includes a themed shirt, biker shorts, and comfy shoes ...
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The first time I went to Disney World as an adult, I made an amateur mistake — I dressed purely to look nice. I started the day with curled hair and a full face of makeup in a cute mini dress and sandals and ended the day drenched in sweat with chafed thighs, a rat’s nest of hair, and more blisters than I could count.

Disney World is home to scorching temperatures, humidity you could swim through, and more walking than you thought possible for a “vacation.” Thankfully, I quickly learned my lesson and have since perfected how to look presentable in the parks without regretting all my life choices by the EOD.

Disney World Outfit Ideas

The secret to a great Disney World outfit is to find items that are practical, comfortable, and — if you’re up for it! — on theme. Wearing a “Disney outfit” doesn’t mean you have to be in matching t-shirts with the fam or touting an “I’m His Minnie!” shirt (though, go forth and do it if that’s your vibe). Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Epcot: Drinking Around World Showcase (or Simply Pushing a Stroller Around It)

Whether you’re heading to Epcot to drink around the world or simply meet the gang from Frozen, you should prepare for a ton of walking. With that in mind, opt for a themed t-shirt, comfy sneakers, and bike shorts with a pocket to store your phone. Because so much of World Showcase is exposed to the elements, it’s also not a bad idea to shield yourself from the sun with a hat in lieu of Minnie Ears.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Trying to Keep Cool

With plenty of foliage, Disney’s Animal Kingdom can get quite humid. Dress for the temperatures with layers, like a breathable linen button-up over an athletic dress (with shorts attached, of course). Pair it with an animal-print pair of Minnie Ears for a subtle theme.

Magic Kingdom: A Classic Minnie Look

Magic Kingdom is classic Disney, and this outfit takes inspiration from Minnie Mouse without being too on the nose. Instead, opt for a jumpsuit (or romper if it’s particularly hot) with some classic Minnie Ears. If going sleeveless isn’t your style, throw a white t-shirt on underneath.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Braving the Sun of Toy Story Land

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to lands based on movie franchises such as Star Wars and Toy Story. The park is a favorite for all ages, especially over at Toy Story Land, which is a popular spot for younger guests. The only problem with Toy Story Land? It is very exposed to the sun, with hardly any indoor spaces (the Slinky Dog Dash line, for example, is all outdoors). With that in mind, brace for the heat with an athletic dress that’s breathable but easy to walk in.

Disney World Outfit Essentials

When it comes to packing for a Disney World vacation, these are a few of the essential items that can be mixed and matched for a cute and comfortable look.

Athletic Dresses

Athletic dresses are the perfect essential for dealing with the heat. They’re breathable and come with built-in shorts so you can avoid any chafing. Even better, because they’re in style, there are tons of fashionable shapes and prints for you to choose from!

Themed T-Shirts

While you don’t have to dress in a themed look, there’s no denying it can be fun! You can pick up plenty of generic tees via Disney (and Amazon)...

And there are also some more subtle touches you can pick up ahead of time from small businesses.

Bike Shorts, Denim Shorts, Jumpsuits and Overalls

You have a few different options for pairing your t-shirt with bike shorts, jumpsuits (or rompers!), denim shorts, and overalls, all working for practicality. Just make sure to consider pockets when picking out a pair — it can make all the difference!

Hats and Minnie Ears

No trip to Disney World is complete without a pair of Minnie Ears or a Disney-themed hat! Luckily, there are plenty to choose from, no matter what style you’re looking for.

Fanny Packs and Bags

Having a bag when traveling with kids is a must, and that’s more important than ever in Disney World. Once you’re in the parks, even the closest hotel rooms aren’t exactly easy to go to and from. Instead of having to go back and forth, bring along a bag where you can pack all your essentials, no matter how many that may be. For younger kids, you’ll likely have a stroller with you to carry some must-haves, so bringing a fanny pack along with you for the smaller items can be helpful.


While not a must, it’s always fun to add on some accessories! Here are a few pieces of Disney jewelry you can consider if you really want to go all in.

Good luck squeezing everything into your carry-on! Just remember, as Philoctetes says in Hercules, “Giving up is for rookies.”