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A Teacher Has Nailed The 90s Inspiration For The Most Popular Tween Boy's Haircut Right Now

“The Shawn Hunter/ Devin Sawa is back and I’m living for it.”

One teacher observed that a lesser-known cartoon movie from the early ‘90s could have inspired the m...
@february_thirtyfirst / TikTok

It’s no secret that fashion and hair trends somehow always come back around. The shag, butterfly clips, choker necklaces, bell bottoms, etc. Right now, Gen Z fashion and hair is all about the millennium and early ‘00s vibes which I fully appreciate because that was my time to shine!

One teacher observed that a lesser-known cartoon movie from the early ‘90s perfectly captures the most popular haircut for tween and teen boys at the moment. He posted a hilarious TikTok sharing how he concluded this, and from the comment section, he is spot on.

“I know it's the end of the school year, but there has been a new trend in boys' haircuts. Like, there's one style that usually rises to the top and stays for a while and drops down. Like, remember the perms from last year, but there's a new style this year, and I was trying to best explain it, but then I found the best way to show off what this hairstyle is,” dad and teacher, @february_thirtyfirst begins.

“I was watching an older movie with my young daughter, and I realized that that's the haircut that's currently the biggest thing right now. And that is of course from the 1994 movie, Thumbelina.”

“This is the haircut all the boys have right now and I... it's just that they all have it for some reason. Have you guys been seeing this? It's a big trend, I think. There it is, that's how you can explain it. Cornelius Thumbelina haircut,” he concludes through laughter.

After his video went viral with over a million views, thousands of comments poured in, agreeing with his hilarious take.

“You could not have found a better example that is exactly it. Like Shawn Hunter but weirder,” one user joked.

A hairstylist weighed in and wrote, “as a hairstylist, yep it started the spring of last year and they all want the Shawn Hunter boy who doesn't care but actually cares hairstyle.”

Another echoed, “trends ALWAYS circle back. Shawn Hunter's HC from Boy Meets World was popular when I was younger & now it's back”

“I call it the Home Improvement haircut,” another brilliantly said.

“YES!! I saw a HERD of them today and I was so confused…it’s like the bowl cut reincarnated,” one user wrote.

Some TikTok users also referred to the trend as the “broccoli cut” or the “alpaca haircut,” which are both equally funny names for the trending hairdo.